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New! Free download of the “Leros ship wrecks e-book” of Peter Collings! A brilliant document with technical and historical details of the wrecks of the Battle of Leros.




Every journey has secret destinations the traveler does not know. Martin Buber

Leros Active is an office for alternative tourism that appeals to travelers looking for something different, an alternative proposal for a holiday on the beautiful island in the southeastern corner of the Aegean Sea. Beautiful Leros, apparently just another Greek island, but with such a rich and important history. A story which is told by its buildings and fortifications from the Italian period, by its ruins and many shipwrecks from World War II. Then the continuing story of an intriguing postwar period. Entire Leros is like a museum and is the best storyteller of its own history.

Diving to the wrecks, walking the historic trails of the island, contact with the cultural heritage through the flavors, rhythms and songs: Leros Active offers you the opportunity to get to know this stigmatized but reclaimed island. 

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