History of Leros Island - Introduction

"The story is not the place of bliss. Happiness are white pages there". F. Hegel.

"The war is the midwife of history". Napoleon Bonaparte

The modern history of Leros, is fully covered by the above quotations.

The history of Leros through the passage of the 20th century is linked with the history of Greece in the last 100 years. The Ottoman Empire, the Italian occupation, the Battle of Leros, the German occupation, the English domination, the Royal Technical schools, camps of political prisoners (Partheni-St.George), the Psychiatric Hospital, refugees and economic migrants of the last decade.

Pages of history are filled by the silence of the dead and liberal 'wronged' souls.

Unique architectural buildings and rich underwater findings, both on land and at the sea bottom, are waiting to narrate its story.

The visitor of Leros is the traveler who dives into the paths of history and becomes a participant of an unrepeatable authentic experience.

Put on your 'masks' and discover with us the past and our future...